Tristen and Kevin PREVIEW:: Wedding Engagement, Vintage-Styled

February 1st, 2010, written by Isabella Li
Found in Engagements

(We are so backlogged in organizing and posting photos due to the time spent on the creation of our brand and this blog site.  Here is an event from last year for preview now (if that makes sense? :p)  We will post lots more pictures from this session soon.   Thanks for your patience! )

Just a little before Christmas last year Lucia and I went to our second shootout event – “The Great Gatsby”, this time with the SoCal Photog Shootout group.  When we first saw the Facebook announcement we were scratching our brains out wondering what “The Great Gatsby” is all about. A closer read into the details of the event revealed terms such as Vintage, 1930s, Glamour, etc.


Registration opened at 7pm on a Wednesday night, and the spots were SOLD OUT in 6 MINUTES!!!

Then came the actual day of the event. We had been getting rain for the whole week prior to that… but fortunately, the clouds cleared up! Photographer Garrett Davis graciously hosted the group in his studio located in the quaint Claremont Village. Our big sis (yes we have one more!) went to Claremont College for her Graduate studies in MIS, but we never really discovered this part of Claremont then. It was such a pleasant discovery and we kept on saying we need to come back to take more photos or just for strolling down the charming streets.

The shootout was fun and informative. We were organized into small groups to rotate at different stations, with Leaders Garrett, Wai Reyes, Hanssie Trainor, Matthew Saville, Michelle Cunningham giving us good pointers and tips throughout the whole event. My favorite group has to be Garrett’s, featuring a REAL COUPLE, Tristen and Kevin, who’s getting married in May 2010. Tristen wore a gorgeous wedding gown from La Bomba Vintage Dresses, and a special, hand-crafted bridal hair piece from Bows N Berries Hairbands. (Makeup and Hair are by: Kacee Geoffroy , Alisha Baijounas). The goal for Garrette’s group was to achieve relaxed, romantic portraits working with a real couple. I think we were able to pull it off with some great restuls, and that restored 1930 Oldsmobile certainly added to the feeling of Vintage Old World Charm!

Here are a few preview pictures of this adorable pair of lovebirds.:

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Found in Engagements | Written by Isabella Li

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