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Marie and Andy’s Engagement :: Kissed by a Rose

May 9th, 2010, written by Lucia and Isabella
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Last weekend we were blessed with a great engagement session with a super sweet and artsy couple – Marie & Andy! :)

Marie and Andy first met at a language Meetup event. After meeting up with them for the initial consultation and getting to know each other for a little bit, we found out that we have so much in common – Andy went to Cal Poly (we both went to Cal Poly!), had lived in Diamond Bar (we lived in Diamond Bar for 10 years!), and Marie grew up in Belize (We went to Belize during our Caribbean vacation a few years ago!) On top of that, Andy is also a lover of photography and owns a DSLR. They said they chose us to be their photographers because they think we have a very romantic, dreamy, and whimsical feel to our photos that they like. We love clients who put in such beautiful compliments for us!!! :D It really warms our hearts!

For the engagement session, we went to The Claremont Colleges, as it was the place where Andy took Marie on their first date. The beautiful grounds and buildings there also reflect the couple’s love of art and architecture. It was a great sunshiny day, and we strolled leisurely from one pretty courtyard to the next in Scripps College, capturing all the loving emotions and embraces. What made us smile, even long after the session was over, was Andy’s obvious adoration and devotion to Marie. He was very attentive to her, and even went out of his way to get a pretty rose for Marie during the shoot (and one that is of Marie’s wedding color!) Now girls, how sweet is that?  We are gonna be shooting their wedding next month.  (And guess where? At Cal Poly’s Rose Garden!)  So excited and looking forward to the day! :D

Here are some pictures from their engagement set:




We mixed in some games to make it a fun shoot:



One of Isabella’s Favorites:


Beautiful Marie:



There’s a Graffiti Wall where past graduating classes since the very first in 1931 have traditionally left their marks.  And we thought this is a cool one:Marie-Andy-Engagement-Claremont-Scripps-College-09



Really love the patio and the roses.  Added so much richness and layers to these shots:


Another beautiful one of Marie… with that rose we were talking about earlier :)


This is our favorite picture.  Love the flare, the rainbow, the rose, their expressions, everything! :)


Andy this one is for you! :)


We played more games, and they were such good sports for not worrying about rolling on the grass :p



Really love how sweet Marie’s smile becomes when she looks at Andy:



LOVE IT!  :)



Another one of our favorites:



That’s all for this time folks.   If you read this far, show this lovely couple some comment love! :)

The Happiest Kids

April 10th, 2010, written by Lucia and Isabella
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If you are on our facebook fan page, you know that this new blog post is all about happy kids.  So, without further ado, here is the full story with 20+ pictures :)

Two weekends ago Henry’s old college roommate brought his whole family down from the bay area for a short family getaway. After spending a full day in Disney, they met up with us on Sunday for lunch and a leisure stroll around the neighborhood park.

If you have been to the city of Cerritos, you know that there’s nothing “ordinary” when it comes to Cerritos’ public facilities. The city’s library for example is like a mixture of an aquarium and a museum, complete with escalators and glass elevators. So it’s no surprise that the park we visited had something special to offer as well. Besides the usual playground set-up and lots of open grassy areas, there’s also a “Play Island” you can enter by crossing a bridge. The island itself is surrounded by a large pond, and features lots of interesting architecture (it’s like a miniature village with an early American motive), complete with cutter ship, cannons, and various climbs and slides for the little ones to enjoy.  It is truly an amazing place, for both kids and  kids at heart ;)  Here are some pictures from the day.  We kept on saying these are the happiest kids we’ve ever seen!

We had lunch together and the kids were already having a lot of fun with the camera :)

And these are all un-rehearsed moments!

Am I gonna grow up to be like my crazy brother??

Baby on the swing :)

Pretty impressive… we tried and couldn’t even hang on.  Okay, time to hit the gym!

Do you remember playing with your sister/brother like this?  Fun Times! :)

Love his facial expression!

Happy sparkling eyes!

Hey mom, look at me!

And another one of our favorites:

Inn of the Seventh Ray WEDDING PREVIEW

February 2nd, 2010, written by Lucia Li
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I am very excited about our upcoming Wedding this Sunday at Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga. To get prepared for the wedding, Isabella and I went to the venue to check out the site and plan for the shoot. After a short mountain drive up from the PCH, we arrived at our destination nestled in the woods. What a intimate and romantic place filled with charming details – Trellis Entry, Fountain, Christmas-Lights, Tented Patio areas covered with dreamy White Drapery, a beautiful Chandelier, Sweet-Heart-shaped chairs, and a Creek-Side area to transport you from the busy city-life to natural serenity!