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Chad + Yuko :: Laguna Hills Civic Center Wedding

November 15th, 2011, written by Lucia Li
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Chad is a co-worker of Henry’s from a previous project with whom Henry reconnected when they both volunteered for Special Olympics. When I heard about all the charity work that Chad’s involved with, I thought to myself: “what a nice person, I would love to meet him one day.” When I heard that he’s also one of those aquarium volunteer Scuba divers that I’ve always secretly admired when growing up, I thought: “okay, I MUST meet this cool guy!”

So when Chad decided to tie the knot with his sweetheart Yuko and asked Henry to cover their ceremony in Laguna Hills, I tagged along to meet the cute couple and to find out what a civil wedding looks like. Just as I imagined, Chad is the nicest guy in the world. He’s easy going, always carries a sweet smile, and possesses a special knack for making others laugh. He’s totally smitten with his beautiful bride Yuko (and I totally adore the soft and elegant look of her dress!). With both their families living out of state (and out of the country), Henry and I turned out to be the only witnesses to their intimate and joyous union.

The Laguna Hills Civic Center is a decidedly non-government looking building. The Spanish style complex features a beautiful garden and fountain in front, which makes the place look more like a train depot from a bygone era (and wonderfully rich in photo-ops). On that quiet Friday morning we had the run of the place and posed freely on the grounds. Afterwards we followed Chad and Yuko to the Pelican Hill Resort and snapped a few more shots in their luxurious suite. This young couple may have been shy in front of the camera initially, but in no time at all they had forgotten about the lens and were kissing non-stop without being asked. I was having so much fun that Henry had to drag me out of there and leave the happy newlyweds in peace :)

Here are some photos from the day. Congratulations Chad and Yuko!















Love Our 2011 Holiday Cards!

November 10th, 2011, written by Lucia Li
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Holiday season is near!  Here are our 2011 boutique holiday card designs.  We love the unique fun shapes and cheerful patterns!  Contact us for more info!

#1 – 5×5 Snowflake

Holiday Card

#2 – 5×7 Christmas Cheer


#3 – 5×7 Love and Laughter

Holiday Card 3

#4 – 5×7 Vintage

5 5x7 Vintage Front

4 5x7 Vintage Back

Birthday Girl Trevona :: Urban Lifestyle Portraits

November 5th, 2011, written by Lucia Li
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My first job interview.

The trip down memory lane conjured up mixed emotions.  It was stressful as one can imagine, but it was also a day where I gained a lifelong friend.

Having a more introverted disposition, interviews were never easy for me, no matter how well prepared and qualified I felt for the positions sought.  I remember I was only 20 years old, sitting in the lobby, nervously peeking at all these people rushing in and out of the offices, wondering if any of them would turn out to be my interviewer, or maybe a close colleague later on, all the while trying to drown out the startling sound of shrieking phone rings that never seemed to stop.

Then, a beautiful lady with big eyes and friendly smile walked toward me.  “Hi, I am Trevona!”  She greeted me and showed me the way to the meeting room.  Doors were shut behind me, and once again I found myself sitting in a chair feeling alone, and dreading for what I had felt like was an impending doom.  But somehow, that warm friendly smile Trevona emitted worked magic to ease my nerves.  I calmed down and was able to sail smoothly through the interview, consequently landing my very first job and marking the beginning of what came to be a 15-year graphic design career.

Naturally, Trevona and I became close friends. We both worked in the marketing department, and sat right next to each other.  Very often we would stay out late after work, exploring new places to eat and scouring the shops for the next fashion fix.  Life was good and simple, and time passed by as our friendship grew.

10+ years later, both of our lives have had significant changes.  We changed jobs, we moved, but we remained in close contact.  And no matter how time has changed, Trevona stayed the same — she’s that girl with a pure heart — sweet, independent, optimistic and passionate about life.  This year, before her birthday, she asked me if I could do some portraits for her.  I was more than happy to oblige!  Trevona took a day off work, and together we spent one fabulous afternoon being girly — chatting, eating, gossiping ;), shopping, giggling and taking photos — having fun and making memories!

We started off by taking some pictures at her apartment complex :


Did I mention she’s a great dancer too? :)




1st wardrobe change:



Her collection of beautiful shoes deserves to be showcased as well!


2nd wardrobe change. We moved indoors for a more intimate, softer look:



3rd wardrobe change.  I told ya we had fun! ;)


My favorite from the set:

Happy birthday my dear friend! Wish you joy and happiness always!