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Here’s Citrine!

March 6th, 2012, written by Lucia Li
Found in Children

Meet Citirne, a 4-year old little cutie.  She is sweet, happy, independent, and has an abundance of energy.  We started off the photo session at a cute boutique hotel in Huntington Beach, then strolled around town, and later went down to the beach for the sunset.  :-)





She brought a little friend with her:Children-Family-Photography-Huntington-Beach-5





I adore her kong fu dance moves!  The middle one cracks me up!



I like to play with children instead of asking them to stare and smile for the camera, so it’s fun to see Citrine lecturing her little friend: “Why don’t you smile?  You need to smile for the camera.”


Little Citrine with her mom.


It’s play time!







A different mood…






After the photo shoot, Citrine gave me a hug and told me she had a happy day.   It totally made my day!!!  Thanks to my friend Trevona for taking this shot of us.


Marie and Andy’s Engagement :: Kissed by a Rose

May 9th, 2010, written by Lucia and Isabella
Found in Engagements


Last weekend we were blessed with a great engagement session with a super sweet and artsy couple – Marie & Andy! :)

Marie and Andy first met at a language Meetup event. After meeting up with them for the initial consultation and getting to know each other for a little bit, we found out that we have so much in common – Andy went to Cal Poly (we both went to Cal Poly!), had lived in Diamond Bar (we lived in Diamond Bar for 10 years!), and Marie grew up in Belize (We went to Belize during our Caribbean vacation a few years ago!) On top of that, Andy is also a lover of photography and owns a DSLR. They said they chose us to be their photographers because they think we have a very romantic, dreamy, and whimsical feel to our photos that they like. We love clients who put in such beautiful compliments for us!!! :D It really warms our hearts!

For the engagement session, we went to The Claremont Colleges, as it was the place where Andy took Marie on their first date. The beautiful grounds and buildings there also reflect the couple’s love of art and architecture. It was a great sunshiny day, and we strolled leisurely from one pretty courtyard to the next in Scripps College, capturing all the loving emotions and embraces. What made us smile, even long after the session was over, was Andy’s obvious adoration and devotion to Marie. He was very attentive to her, and even went out of his way to get a pretty rose for Marie during the shoot (and one that is of Marie’s wedding color!) Now girls, how sweet is that?  We are gonna be shooting their wedding next month.  (And guess where? At Cal Poly’s Rose Garden!)  So excited and looking forward to the day! :D

Here are some pictures from their engagement set:




We mixed in some games to make it a fun shoot:



One of Isabella’s Favorites:


Beautiful Marie:



There’s a Graffiti Wall where past graduating classes since the very first in 1931 have traditionally left their marks.  And we thought this is a cool one:Marie-Andy-Engagement-Claremont-Scripps-College-09



Really love the patio and the roses.  Added so much richness and layers to these shots:


Another beautiful one of Marie… with that rose we were talking about earlier :)


This is our favorite picture.  Love the flare, the rainbow, the rose, their expressions, everything! :)


Andy this one is for you! :)


We played more games, and they were such good sports for not worrying about rolling on the grass :p



Really love how sweet Marie’s smile becomes when she looks at Andy:



LOVE IT!  :)



Another one of our favorites:



That’s all for this time folks.   If you read this far, show this lovely couple some comment love! :)

Laura and Brandon’s Engagement :: “She Found Love In Japan”

February 20th, 2010, written by Lucia and Isabella
Found in Engagements

Imagine you are on a trainee assignment in a foreign land, with only 6 months left to stay and fully enjoying your experience abroad.  Out of nowhere came this guy, marching into your life, undeterred by your rejections and attempts to remain distant.  You gave in, just for a coffee, only to find out afterward that you are stumbling madly into love with this guy.  And a short six months later, he’s on his knee in front of you, with people rushing by all around, while the big screen on the street displayed: Will You Marry Me?

It may sound like a whirlwind love story fit for a romantic novel or movie, but this is the real life love story of Laura and Brandon.

Laura is a dreamer, a teacher, an aspiring writer, and a yoga-loving vegetarian from England who was on assignment in Japan.  She met Brandon at a party hosted by a mutual friend.  Knowing that she’s only in Tokyo for a short period and wanting to keep focused on her dream of being a writer as well as to fully enjoy her time left in the country, Laura was determined to stay clear of relationships.  That is, until Brandon’s persistence made her give in and agree to go out for coffee with him.   That rainy Sunday afternoon in the little cake shop in Jiyugaoka made Laura discover what a fascinating person Brandon really is.  He’s a business school graduate who had grown up in Taiwan and worked in the States before he came to Japan.  Not only does he share the same interests in writing and teaching (Brandon was in the process of writing a GMAT guidebook, which is now published and selling on Amazon), he had also just returned from an orchestra tour from New York, where he played violin on stage with Yo-Yo Ma in Carnegie Hall.  Laura was drawn to Brandon as she discovered more and more interesting sides to him; and despite their different upbringings and characters, they just CLICKED.

In the following months, they spent time together and went on several trips.  They also enjoyed vegetarian dining and cooking together (Brandon gave up meat for a week as an experiment, and has never touched it since), and by the time her traineeship was over, Laura found herself unable to leave Japan.  One Friday evening, Brandon surprised Laura at Shibuya square, as he got down on one knee, with flashing lights from the big screen above the crowd displaying a picture of the two, and huge words stating: “Laura P., Will You Marry Me? Brandon W.”  Without hesitation, Laura gave him a firm and enthusiastic YES!

Laura wrote down her story and it was published in BAB magazine.  You can read this romantic story as well as see the picture of Brandon’s proposal here:  A stunning Proposal, by Laura Jane Pepper.  In this article Laura shared her realization of what makes a “perfect relationship”:

I have come to see that the perfect relationship is one that does not get in the way of your dreams, but helps you to find them…

These two lovebirds have since decided to come back to the U.S. and build their new nest here.  They also have a fabulous wedding planned in England later this year.

We are very lucky to have the chance to help capture some romantic and loving pictures of Laura and Brandon.  When we first met the couple at lunch before the shoot, we were thinking: Oh no!  Maybe we made a mistake by bringing them to San Juan Capistrano for the shoot!  Since the two struck us as more of a “modern” and “hip” couple and San Juan Capistrano feels more old-town-vintage-like and mellow-toned.   However, as soon as we start to shoot, our worries and doubt melted away.  Laura and Brandon are so in love with each other and the connection that shows through when they look into each other’s eyes or lock their lips are just so compelling that any background or setting would just be a subtle addition to their loveliness and wouldn’t even have mattered.   Actually, we found that their hip and fashionable style really popped with the old town juxtaposition. We will let you be the judge of that. =)

We saw this cute VW Beattle and had to take a picture with it!

They are cool and fun-loving, and so in-sync with each other’s move and mood.

Brandon sporting a cool hat.

Beautiful Laura

Love this look!

Jump and reach for the sky!

So in love.  This is one of our favorites from the day:

More of that cool and fun-loving panache:

Loads of smiles :)

And kisses!

We look at these pictures and couldn’t help but to break into big smiles =)

This is our favorite picture of the day.  The smile in Brandon’s eyes, the glow on Laura’s face.  It’s just stunning and heartfelt.

A bit of flair.  Lots of love.

All Aboard!  Next stop: Happily Ever After.