Mary and Simon

December 19th, 2009, written by Isabella Li
Found in Maternity

Lucia and I recently discovered the charming town of Claremont Village thanks to a shootout event hosted by some really awesome southern California photographers (see post titled “Tristen and Kevin“). We knew that we had to come back to take pictures again! So, in the spirit of practicing what we just learned (posing, lighting, composition, etc.), I immediately asked two of my friends to come join us for a photoshoot the following weekend.

Mary and Simon are one of the cutest couples I know. I’ve known Mary since junior high school years (We were also somewhat infamous for being forgetful among our close circle of friends back then – and I thought I was the only one who would do things such as forgetting about a homework assignment, or unfailingly walking into the wrong classes all the time… but no~ Mary was often my companion in such silly little mishaps (Sorry Mary! :p). However, this is just a part of her cute and adorable personality – that relaxed, unassuming, genuine sweetness. Adding that to the perfect smile and beautiful doll face (Yes… her skin is flawless. Yes, I am so envious!), and you have a killer combo that would have most men’s heart skip a beat and melt. No wonder the only thing that came to Simon’s mind when he saw Mary for the very first time was: “I am doomed.” No worries, the two first met while working at a Japanese restaurant (he was the busboy, then chef; she was the waitress), and soon became inseparable. Now, with all the sweet years of growing together, they are the proud owners of their own restaurant (Sakura Ichi Japanese Cuisine, located in downtown Pomona), proud parents of three lovely dogs, and soon-to-be proud parents of the newest addition to the family – baby Kylene!

Here are some pictures from the day:

We love to capture candid happy moments like this =)

This is one of our favorites from the day:

Congratulations and thanks, Mary and Simon!

You guys are natural models and made it such a fun shoot (Simon was on his funny joking mode non-stop during the shoot!).
Lucia and I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to capture some photos for you and share in your joy and love!

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Found in Maternity | Written by Isabella Li

2 Responses to “Mary and Simon”

  1. Simon Yang says:

    Lucia and Isabella, thank you guys so much for capturing our “memories” in such an artistic way~ It is so unique and I believe those pictures have keep the “moment of happiness” in a form that Mary, Kylene (our baby) and I will always remember. So many people have came up to me and commented on the photos, and we were literally overwhelmed and touched. Those photos really means very much for Mary and I because not only it is the first photo shoot in our ten years marriage, but it’s the first photo shoot of our family together! Someone once told me that photo shoot in 21st century is like a magic mirror in Snow White. The photo does not lie and it helps a person to find his or her true self. All I want to say is: “thank you guys so much for giving us these wonderful moments, letting Mary, Kylene and I know how much we love each other, and how great our life is.” Once again, thank you guys very much for everything!

    • Isabella Li says:

      Thank you Simon! I am so very touched by your words :’) I am happy that we got the chance to help you and Mary capture these memories! Baby Kylene is so blessed to be born in such a loving family. Enjoy parenthood and remember to take lots of pictures so that you will continue to have all those precious, happy moments kept alive forever :)