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Santa Cruz Wedding Weekend

August 21st, 2012, written by Isabella Li
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Two weeks ago we attended a very special wedding, this time as actual guests instead of hired photographers — which meant we were there purely for a good time, YAY!

Both the bride and groom are good friends of ours. We met the groom Jeremy several years ago through my close friend Jeannie. Jeremy is a Silicon Valley transplant from Canada with the demeanor of a proper English gentleman. He is truly one-of-a-kind, a rare species of man who should be considered an anomaly (in a very positive way). He’s the most smart, kind, gentle, genuine, and loyal friend one can have. A scientist, an aviator, and a mountaineer, he approaches life with an enviable adventurous spirit.

A couple years after we became good friends with Jeremy, we met Angela swing dancing at Lindygroove (back in the days when we used to dance 4-5 nights a week!) There was something about her unpretentious demeanor, uninhibited smile, and natural glow that drew me in and made us close friend almost immediately. Not only is she so cool at dancing (swing, hip hop, you name it!) she’s also impressive at hiking and many other sports. She shares the same smarts, verve, and adventurous spirit with Jeremy, with a bit of playful charm.

2004 - A picture of Lucia, me, and Angela at Jeannie’s engagement party. This was the first time Jeremy met Angela, and he admitted later that he was absolutely smitten the moment he laid eyes on her.

We don’t have a picture of Jeremy and Angela together, but he was caught red-handed making fries:

2006 - Although Jeremy was smitten, the romance didn’t blossom until a few years later during Lucia’s wedding weekend. We had asked Angela to host him since we were all busy with wedding details. Here’s a picture of them teaming up for the scavenger hunt during cocktail hour:


2008 - Angela and Jeremy were among the friends who joined us for an Ensenada weekend cruise. We didn’t know it at the time, but it was on this trip that they started holding hands and officially became a couple!


It was also during this cruise that Angela introduced us to the EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE Settlers of Catan. That night we played for 6 hours nonstop! That was the start of our board game fever…


2012 - Fast forward 4 years, they decided to tie the knot.

We have waited a long time for this and couldn’t be happier for them! Their beach-themed wedding was hosted at the beautiful Dream Inn in Santa Cruz. The weather was in the 70s, which was a much appreciated change from the heat wave down here in Southern Cal. It was just perfect for the ceremony on the cliff lawn of Lighthouse Field State Beach.

Now, I’m sure you have heard of the infamous “Uncle Bob” phenomenon at weddings (if you haven’t, here’s a good read-up). These are pictures Lucia took from her seat without getting in the way of the official photographer:


Love this!


Angela walking down the aisle, already in tears (and we couldn’t hold it in either)






Husband and wife. Congrats Angela and Jeremy! Dream-Inn-Beach-Light-House-Wedding-09

Silhouettes of their pet birds Carmella and Truth on the cake:



Sweetheart table:


Angela’s dad made the beautiful centerpieces:






Father of the bride speech:




Dream-Inn-Santa Cruz-Wedding-20


Two of my favorite people on earth! :)
We loved every moment of the wedding, and will treasure these precious memories and our friendship for life.
Congratulations again, Angela and Jeremy! Love Always.