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Hanna + Alex :: Happily Ever After Engagement at Disneyland

July 24th, 2012, written by Lucia Li
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Last Saturday I had the honor to photograph Hanna and Alex’s engagement in Disneyland and California Adventure.  How awesome is that!  When Hanna brought up the idea of shooting there, I was beyond thrilled.  Not only am I a huge Disney fan, but we would be returning to the place where Henry and I spent many of our date nights, and where he got down on one knee and awkwardly pushed a ring onto my finger.  I was very excited to capture another couple’s joy at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Hanna and Alex first met each other on school’s swim team.  Since then, Hanna has kept up with the sport, participated in 2010 Nautica Malibu Triathlon (finished 5th overall in her age group too!)  Her athleticism is so inspiring.  :-)  Alex has a really cool job with Disney where he gets to brainstorm new ideas for others to implement.  Henry’s jealous!  During our half-day photoshoot, we roamed both parks and had an amazing time together.  There were so many photo opportunities with all the colorful and fun backdrops that I felt once again like a kid set loose in a candy shop.  Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy (in Donald Duck’s voice), life is extra jolly when you hang out with the energetic and fun-loving Hanna and Alex!

OK, I better stop rambling now and show some images.  The first image below is one of my favorites. Hanna is absolutely glowing!



No-stop smiling and giggling the whole day!


Don’t they look gorgeous?





Getting hitched?





We rode the new Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree at Car’s Land.  It’s such a fun ride!



Up, up, and away!



Another one of my favorites from the day:


Congratulations, Hanna and Alex!  Thank you for such a wonderful time in Disney.  We are looking forward to your big day!


Lifestyle Family Portraits :: Old Town Monrovia

October 27th, 2011, written by Lucia and Isabella
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American writer Gail Buckley once said: “Family faces are magic mirrors.  Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present and future. ”

After several years of residence in the U.S. — schooling, working and building a family together — Jenny and Zephyr decided to move back to the country where they were born, to reunite with loved ones and to provide the children with an enriched cross-cultural upbringing.  They want to celebrate the past, the present and the future ahead by taking some family pictures for memories before leaving for Taiwan, so we headed out to old town Monrovia one sunny afternoon for a lifestyle family portraits session.

Looking at the young couple, one may find it hard to believe that they are already parents of two boys.  Casper is 3 years old, and loves to make faces and follow his big brother around.  Clifford, being two years older and the “cooler” brother, is very assertive in what he wants, and is quite the master LEGO builder!  It was a rather hot day at the shoot, with temperatures reaching into the high 90s; however, we were able to somewhat escape the grueling heat by staying in the shades and taking a refreshment break (thank you Jenny and Zephyr, for treating us to those delicious smoothies!)

We thought it’s sooo cute to see the boys showing up with matching plaid shirts, and loved the colorful balloons and fun toys they brought along too.  Lesson of the day: balloons, smoothies, Legos, and parents who absolutely adore and lavish their children with love make for happy kids!

Here are some of our favorites from the day:

He is a Superman!  No.. a dinosaur!   Umm.. maybe an elephant?



Oo-oo-ee-ee!  They are so cute!

Collecting leaves and nuts:

LOVE this one of Clifford:


Hello beautiful! XOXO

Parents of two boys, and still look so young and hip, like college sweethearts!


The little ones crack me up.  I love how Casper stands with one foot on top of the other.

They were very serious and concentrated.  Sharing, or a competition? :p

LEGO Time!


Their smiles melt me:


Love Casper’s bear-paw shoe bottoms!


Jenny and Zephyr are a sweet and gorgeous couple. Seriously, look how cute they are together!  :-)


Thanks for spending that afternoon with us, Jenny Zephyr + Clifford and Casper :)
We wish you all the best for your new life in Taiwan!