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Baby’s First Birthday Party

July 13th, 2011, written by Isabella Li
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Eat, Pray, Love

September 4th, 2010, written by Lucia and Isabella
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Bhudda Fountain Decor Flating Pink Chrysanthemums

Last Saturday we arrived in the Philips Ranch area for Kimberli’s bridal shower.  The shower took place at her mom’s place, where Kimberli and her family and friends transformed the backyard into a vibrant and cozy gathering space, anchored with the theme: “Eat, Pray, Love.”  (And that’s what it says on the cake too! Scroll down and you shall see, it’s a cute one! :)  There were a lot of details: paper lanterns hanging down from the patio, a Buddha fountain with floating chrysanthemums, Moroccan style candle lantern centerpieces adorned with flowers around the bases, and even the buffet table was lined with fresh fruits and produces.  Gotta love details like these!

One by one, the guests started to show up.  Hugs were exchanged, food and drinks shared, and love and laughter filled the air.  Following the feast, guests were divided into 4 teams for a game – to create a bridal dress with only rolls of toilet tissues and paper clips.  What a fun idea!  Originally we thought Kimberli had the most beautiful white dress on that day; however, after seeing all the “Haute-Couture ” creations that the ladies came up with… we weren’t quite sure anymore! :p

Thanks Kimberli! We really enjoyed spending such a delightful afternoon with you, your family, and all the lovely ladies!

Bhudda Fountain Decor pink floating chrysanthemums

Great vibrant colors and an eclectic mix of decors representing different cultures created a festive atmosphere fit for the theme Eat, Pray, Love:

Bhudda Fountain, chrysanthemum, Moroccan candle lantern

Eat Pray Love Party Patio Decor Lanterns Orange

Beautiful Kimberli in a beautiful white dress (love the shoes too!) :D

Putting in the final touches for table decoration:

A glowing bride-to-be:

Kimberli, you look stunning!

with the Maid of Honor:

With sister Keosha.  Kosha works, takes care of her children, AND goes to school (doctoral candidate) all at the same time!  We really admire her ability to balance everything in life!

Little sister (you are so cute! love your smile :)

Eat Pray Love Party Buffet Table Decor

Party Food Fruit Skewers Closeup
Party Food Salad Carrtos Closeup

And the fun game started! We felt like we were watching a reality show competition… Project Paper Couture? :)

Bridal Shower Game Paper Wedding Dress
Check out the train!

Bridal Shower Game Paper Wedding Dress
Every team was so creative in coming up with an unique design!

Bridal Shower Game Paper Wedding Dress
Bridal Shower Game Paper Wedding Dress

Bridal Shower Game Paper Wedding Dress
Bridal Shower Game Paper Wedding Dress
Bridal Shower Game Paper Wedding Dress
Bridal Shower Game Paper Wedding Dress

Now we have five brides :p

Bridal Shower Game Paper Wedding Dress

Kimberli got a headpiece to match her dress.
Love how adding a little bit of texture enriches the emotion and tone of this image:

Bridal Shower Game Paper Wedding Dress

Black and white pictures are always cool too:

Cute cake:

Eat Pray Love Whimsical Cake Design

What a great shower! :D

Sophie and Ruby’s Baptism :: St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church

March 29th, 2010, written by Lucia Li
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A few days ago we put up some preview pictures of Sophie and Ruby’s baptism.   Here are more pictures from the day.  It was a beautiful ceremony filled with joy, love, and proud families!