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September 3rd, 2010, written by Lucia and Isabella
Found in Promotions

It’s been awhile since our contest started (Mid June), so we’ve decided to extend both prize redemption periods to 12/31/2011.  Thanks everyone for your participation!  Now, without further ado, the winners of our contest are: Jennifer Woo and Lennox Wiseley!  Hooray! :D Congratulations guys!!!  You can redeem your Free 30-minute Mini Session and $350 “Photo Goodness” credit anytime between now and the end of next year!

Jennifer and Lennox both picked the same question to answer:
What’s the most romantic thing anyone has done for you? or vice versa?


A guy I was dating told me we were going to drive out to the beach to go star gazing.  About 10 minutes after we settled down on top of his car, fireworks started exploding in the sky.  It turned out that he had timed everything so that we would catch the nightly fireworks show from Sea World.


Michael and I were decorating easter eggs one April, which he’d never done before, because he’s from England and the tradition doesn’t seem to be as popular there. It was a lot of fun and a huge mess and we really enjoyed the day. He was kind of secretive about one of the eggs he was making, and I figured it was because he’d written a surprise Easter message on it. Then, a few days later, he told me to pack a few things, he was whisking me away for the weekend. So I grabbed some clothes and we got in the car and he started driving. I hoped we were going to Carmel, as that has been a favorite romantic spot for us, and we were! We arrived just before Sunset and he said we were going to walk to dinner. So we walked along the beach as the sun was setting and looked out at the ocean. Suddenly, he saw a big rock and wanted to go out to it. So we went out and I sat on the big rock, with a beautiful view of the sunset. And he handed me a small paper bag. I opened it up, hoping it would be an engagement ring, but it was an egg. I looked at it, kind of perplexed, and laughed. “You brought me out here to give me an egg?” “Read it!” he said. So I looked down at the writing and it said, “Marry me!” And when I looked down, he was kneeling down with a beautiful ring and he said, “Will you marry me?” (Needless to say, I said, yes!)

Thank you Jennifer and Lennox for sharing your stories with our readers!

It’s pretty obvious now that romantic surprises are cool in our books :p
And since a post without a picture is like a cupcake without icing, we have searched our pictures “vault” (don’t we all have terabytes of data nowadays?) for images that would help add some splashes of color to this post.  Turns out, we are also fans of fireworks and the charming seaside village of Carmel (and who wouldn’t be? :)

This was taken by Henry during Disneyland’s fireworks with our new Canon 70-200mm IS II:


Taken about 10 years ago in Carmel with a simple point-and-shoot camera, now enhanced with some Photoshop adjustments.
Doesn’t this remind you a bit of Thomas Kinkade’s paintings?


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Found in Promotions | Written by Lucia and Isabella

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