Baby’s First Birthday Party :: Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club

September 25th, 2013, written by Isabella Li
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It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in Mission Viejo at the Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club, and Daddy Henry and Mommy Haej pulled out all the stops to create an enchanting, festive celebration for baby Dylan’s first birthday. I wanted to make sure to blog and share images from this set because the event was one of those special celebrations at which I kept catching myself thinking:”I wish I am attending this as a guest!” (and a kid!) I love the venue, with all the greenery outside, and the rustic wood doors and ceiling beams throughout the banquet room. Haej, with her wonderful aesthetic senses as a talented designer, created custom posters that served both as decorations and boards for party games. There were all sorts of whimsical pieces and thoughtful touches everywhere — vintage airplanes, birdcages, topiaries, crayons for the little ones to draw with, a variety of munchies to choose from as desserts and favors. In additional to the main Dojabi ceremony, kids were lining up to get custom created balloons, and towards the end there was a puppet show set up outside under the shade, complete with ice cold lemonades to compliment the viewing experience! What a lovely and fun-filled day!

Baby Dylan in his handsome gentleman outfit:

He had just woken up from a nap when we started shooting…

I love the mix of simple whimsical and classy vintage:

Details galore:

And the birthday cake:

View from the head table towards the banquet area:

Baby Dylan, mingling:

These lollipop things were a big hit with the little ones:

When the balloon lady came, all kids flocked to this end of the room:

Hello Kitty!

Dylan was initially shy and crying at the Doljabi ceremony, but quickly recovered and made his choice – book (scholar)!

Happy Birthday Dylan!

A puppet show on wheels (this is a self-contained theatre on wheels, modeled after an Italian Opera House in Milan) drove in and set up stage:

I wasn’t watching the show as I was focused on taking pictures, but there were Pirates and Dragons; and at one point, it was raining bubbles!

Dylan clapping for the show:

I also love that they provided ice cold lemonade and tea for guests to enjoy with the show:

Commercial Food Photography | Promo Slideshow

August 30th, 2013, written by Isabella Li
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Recently I partnered with Wentzu Chang, a personal friend and a talented artist, to shoot a commercial food photography assignment for the new restaurant Taiwan Banquet in Rowland Heights.  This assignment called for the creation of enticing images for 40 traditional Taiwanese banquet dishes, to be compiled into a final slideshow for playing on several big screen displays inside the restaurant.

Now that Taiwan Banquet is ready for its official grand opening, I thought I would share the slideshow and a few stills with all the foodies out there!  (You can go full screen and change the quality setting to HD by clicking on the gear-looking icon on the lower right. Per client’s specification, each slide is 12 seconds long, so it may take awhile to watch the whole thing)

Here are some stills for those that can’t view the video:

Lamb Chops. I love how Chef made this into such a piece of art.

Food Photography Lamb Chop

Taro Balls.

Food Photography Taro Balls

Fried Rice with Sakura Shrimp. More edible art!

Assorted Mushrooms. Love the colors!

Food Photography Colorful Assorted Mushrooms

Taro Paste.  This is a traditional dessert.

Food Photography Taro Paste Dessert


October 27th, 2012, written by Lucia Li
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Henry and I have been thinking about starting a family for a long time, but we kept pushing it off because we have been so busy with work and life.  This year we finally decided that we don’t want to wait anymore,  and guess what?  We are going to have a baby!!!  We are both excited and happy as can be.


Sonogram of our baby at 8 weeks and 11 weeks:Baby-Announcement-2

Pink or Blue?  We don’t know yet.
We can’t wait to find out and we are looking forward to meet our little baby!